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Your first of many birthday letters to come…Happy 1st Birthday Grace and Noah!

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Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Dear Gracie and Noah,

It was one year ago today when I woke up with a gut feeling that God would BLESS US with your presence that evening. We had already known that we had a scheduled ultrasound to check on Noah’s growth rate and that if he was below the 6th percentile that we would have an immediate c-section. But, it wasn’t just that….I KNEW, just knew, that 12-2-12 was the day you would be born. You see, Mommy and Daddy are all about numbers. So many monumental events in our lives had occurred on “cool” dates, one of which was our wedding, 7-7-07, so it wasn’t a far stretch to assume our babies would be born on a “cool” date too. Dr. G even said the same thing, “What a cool date for them to be born on!” So, after the ultrasound had confirmed that Noah had actually fallen into the 3rd percentile, we took each other’s hands, looked at one another and said, “Let’s go have these babies.” We gathered all of the family who was coincidentally already all together celebrating Auntie Kirsten’s birthday, and moved the celebration to the hospital waiting room. A few short hours later, the two of you were born, Grace first at 6:31pm, followed by Noah one minute later at 6:32pm. I cannot put into words the way we felt when we heard you cry for the very first time! We had waiting for the both of you to come into our lives for many years. It was such a long road to parenthood, but one that has made us LOVE and APPRECIATE you so much more! You are truly GIFTS from GOD, the greatest of miracles, and we could not be more PROUD to be your parents!

This past year has been a whirlwind! The first three months are a bit of a blur, as we have never before had such little sleep. We were up with you every two hours and let me tell you, we thought it would never end. However, I must say, that now looking back, I miss those days. Well, moments from those days. I miss having your 4 and 5 pound bodies snuggled up against my chest, sleeping peacefully and soundly. I miss napping with you throughout the day, holding you in my arms.

Each day you have grown bigger, healthier, and happier! Each new moment has brought so much “unspeakable joy” to my life! Your first smiles, your first coos, the first time you really locked eyes with me from afar and smiled so big my heart almost burst out of my chest! These little moments are the moments I dreamed about for many years! They are the moments that I will cherish forever! They are the moments that cannot be put into words.

Each milestone has been so exciting! Gazing at you as you learned to kick your legs! Sissy, boy did you move your legs faster than anyone I’d ever seen. You still do! I swear someday you’ll be a track star! Mommy and Daddy are getting ready to chase you down, as one day very soon you’ll be walking, or shall I say, running! As the two of you learned to sit up a whole new world opened up for you! That’s when we were able to see the two of you really interact with one another. People have always said that twins share a very special connection. I believe that with every fiber of my being. Since the moment you were born, you were always reaching for one another. And then, you sat up on your own, continued to reach out for each other and….STEAL each other’s toys! It was so fun to watch you really begin interacting with one another. And then came the CRAWLING! Uh-oh! Watch out! Grace and Noah are on the move! Grace started crawling at about 9 months and Noah; you started at about 11 months. Once the two of you were BOTH on the move, life got really interesting. People always said that with multiples we’d be going in opposite directions, but that just isn’t the case. In fact, the two of you just want to go wherever the other goes! You spend your days chasing each other around the kitchen. It started with a game of cat and mouse around the kitchen island and has now moved to the kitchen table. It’s so cute when the one in the lead stops, looks back, and giggles upon making eye contact with the other, before very quickly transitioning back into a game of chase. The other thing you both LOVE doing together is chasing one another in your walkers around the house. Thank goodness we put in hardwood floors just before you were born because let me tell you, you move FAST!!! Someday we’ll show you the videos to prove it! And last but not least, a moment from yesterday, the day before your first birthday… You discovered the curtains in the dining room. Wow! All I can say is “Wow!” The two of you were playing hide-n-seek in those things, laughing and giggling, crawling in and out of them. It was the first time that I truly you’re your INFECTIOUS LAUGHTER and your INFECTIOUS LOVE FOR EACH OTHER! So, when people say that twins share a special connection, they are right! You ADORE one another! You LOVE one another! And…Mommy and Daddy ADORE and LOVE the two of you beyond words! Keep smiling, keep giggling, laugh until your tummy hurts, and never stop feeling this connection you are so lucky to share with each other!

I said it the day you were born and I say it again today as I reminisce on the past year…”My cup runneth over.”  I love you both so very much! You give my life new meaning and I look forward to watching you grow into the unique individuals you are meant to become!

Happy 1st Birthday Gracie Girl and Mr. Noah!




Maternity Pics – 32 weeks pregnant

Oh, Grace and Noah, how we dream of the day you will join this world! Mommy and daddy are so excited to meet you! With every kick I feel from you in my belly the more anxious I get to hold you in my arms. Grow big and strong little ones and when you’re ready we’ll be here to welcome you with open arms…


~Mommy and DaddyImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The Twins Newborn Photo Shoot by Cheryl Spaulding Photography


Hello Family & Friends,

Here’s the twins Newborn Photo Shoot by Cheryl Spaulding Photography. They were only 10 days old when this was done…


~Brittany & Ryan Maier

The Birth Story of Our Twins

It all began the 34th week of my pregnancy…Since the beginning of the pregnancy we had always been told by our doctors that we would be monitoring the pregnancy very closely because twin pregnancies are always considered higher risk. We were always told that twins shouldn’t be measuring more than 10 days apart in terms of growth. For most of the pregnancy that was the case for both babies. So, we went in for growth related ultrasounds every month and by the 34th week we were going in weekly. At that 34th week ultrasound we found out that Twin B, baby Noah, was measuring in the 12th percentile. The doctor said it would be okay as long as he didn’t fall below the 10th. So, we went in for an ultrasound the following week to check on his growth again. This time he was in the 6th percentile. You can only imagine the fear that and anxiety that was felt throughout me. I was so scared for my little boy. But, my doctor consulted with the perinatologist and they came up with a game plan. At my next ultrasound a week from then, we would again check Baby Noah’s growth. If he was still measuring between the 6th and 9th percentile we would continue with twice weekly NST’s and weekly growth ultrasounds. But, if he were to fall below the 6th percentile then we would have an immediate c-section following that appointment.

So, we sat around waiting for a week. It was torture not knowing how how our little boy was doing, but we had faith in God and knew that he would look after Noah. A few days before their birth I had started contracting, having major leg cramps, and was vomiting profusely. I went into labor and delivery to get checked out. After being monitored for 6 hours they sent me home.

Two days later, on December 2nd at 3pm, Ryan and I, and my mom and Jim, went in for my 36 week ultrasound. By the end of the scan it was conclusive. Noah had fallen to the 3 percentile. In that moment, we knew it was going to be the “birth day” of our beautiful babies. I already had my hospital bag packed, so we walked upstairs to labor and delivery to meet with my doctor. He already had begun prepping a team for my c-section. He ran my blood work and compared it to the blood work from 2 days prior. Without any further hesitation my doctor looked at me and said, “Brittany, thank God we had the ultrasound today and you were in the other night because your blood work shows that you have very quickly progressed with preeclampsia. Your numbers have gone from normal to abnormal very fast and we must deliver the babies before it gets even worse.”

So, we called all of the family to get them to the hospital for the delivery. I am so very lucky to have family that lives close by. Before getting taken to the operating room, my room was filled with my husband, my parents, my sisters and their boyfriends, my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, my twin cousins, and Ryan’s godparents. I was so lucky to have all of them there with me. There was so much love and support surrounding me, Ryan and the babies.

At 6pm they wheeled me into the OR. The team prepped me for surgery and within minutes we were delivering the babies. Daddy had the camera and stood up as each baby was pulled out of me. He was capturing photos of their arrival, all the while, crying tears of joy and laughing at the same time. The moment I heard my babies cry was the very best sound I’ve ever heard. Gracie was born at 6:31pm at 5lbs and 9oz, 17.50 inches long and Noah was born at 6:32pm at 4lbs and 6 oz, 17.25 inches long. Small, but mighty! My babies were absolute fighters!!! They were absolutely beautiful. As the doctors closed me back up, daddy went with both babies to the NICU as they were checked out. Dr. Golditch was so sweet and told me that I had to be put on Magnesium Sulphate and that I wouldn’t like him very much because it would make me feel like I had been hit by a truck and have a horrible flu for at least 24 hours after the babies were born because of the Preeclampsia and HELLP. This unfortunately would hinder my recovery and he was sorry, but he had no choice in the matter. Boy he wasn’t kidding! I threw up all night, was burning up from the inside out and was seeing triple, as I could barely open my eyes and had a horrible headache. After coming off of the Magnesium, I finally got to have jello and some ice chips, the first food since Saturday night.

So, we now have these incredibly beautiful bundles of pure love and couldn’t be happier! It is truly an unexplainable feeling. The hospital staff couldn’t believe how many family members we had to support us and how many friends were “blowing up” our phones with their words of congratulations.

After spending 5 days only in the hospital, Ryan and I are now transitioning from a family of two to a family of four. We are working hard to develop our new schedule while I recover. For me, this would be more difficult than it is for most women who give birth.

As Dr Golditch put it…

I had not a singleton, but TWINS!!!


I had a C-SECTION!!


A lot to digest and recover from.

So as we find our way with our beautiful new family and have so many people’s love and support, we need to focus on getting me well enough to care for these children along with Ryan. It has been suggested to us from the hospital staff that because we have so many loving people wanting to visit us and our little miracles, that maybe once we are settled at home we host a “Baby Open House” for a few hours one day, providing  all guests are “in good health”  to come and visit our little miracles. This new life is just a bit overwhelming and we want to show our sweet babies off, but we may need a bit of time before that can happen.

This is a life I have dreamt about my entire life!!! I LOVE my babies with ALL OF MY HEART!!! They are absolutely beautiful, determined, and are filling the lives of everyone around them with love. They truly are our little miracle babies! I never knew I could love anyone as much as I love them! I am finally a mommy! Ryan is finally a daddy! Our babies are finally home where they belong! My cup runneth over!!!

Note: The history of our baby’s names…Grace Ashten…We believe that it was God’s grace that blessed us with this babies, so her first name is to honor Him. Ashten is a combination of both of my sister’s names, Ashley and Kirsten, to honor my two sisters. Noah Shane…also to honor Him, we wanted a males name from the Bible and Noah seemed very fitting. It is the perfect name for our little boy. Shane is the middle name of Ryan’s brother, Danny, so we wanted to honor him as well. Both baby’s names are SO PERFECT for each of them! When I look into their sweet faces and gaze into their eyes, I couldn’t imagine more perfect names for either of them.

***Below are a few pictures from their birth and the first week of life…

Just after the ultrasound and just before their birth…my last pregnant photo.

Us and Dr. Golditch just minutes before the c-section…


Meet Grace Ashten…


Meet Noah Shane…


Mommy meeting Gracie and Noah for the very first time…


Ryan delivering the good news to all the family and friends that gathered for the birth…


Our guardian angel…my doctor who saved my life during my ectopic surgery 4 years ago and who gave us back our life by delivering our twins…Dr. Golditch…


So in love with my precious angels…


Going home together from the hospital 5 days after their birth…


The Twins Nursery…A Little Piece of Heaven

The Twins Nursery…A Little Piece of Heaven

This has been quite the project in the making since early August! I’ve known what I wanted for a long time, but getting Ryan on board with my vision was another story. Our twins will be sharing a nursery and since we are having one of each sex makes it a bit more challenging coming up with a theme or color scheme that is suitable for both of them.

I’ve done most of the decorating in our home on my own. I like to call my style “a little bit country meets a little bit rustic.” Our entire downstairs has wall colors of gray, tans, red, and black chalkboard, framed off by white crown moldings, window panes, and shutters. Our decor contains old wine barrels, rustic shutter wall hangings, etc. So, little would one believe that my vision for our nursery would be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!

I decided to do something bold, bright and fun for the twins! A place that would feel HAPPY and CHEERY for their childhood! A place that every time I walked by I would feel a little piece of heaven! So, I went to Pinterest for a little bit of inspiration. I found a darling nursery that was just what I was looking for. The task now was to make it my own, not a complete copycat version of what I found online. So, I decided to go with the color scheme on Pinterest, but to make changes in the wall art, furnishings, and fabric patterns. So, my search began on Etsy. I found darling wooden letters of their initials to hang over their cribs, orange polka dot crib sheets, and a turquoise and white chevron striped valance. Then, my mom decided to have her cousin Alaina make my crib bumpers and changing pad cover. So the hunt began for a fabric pattern. We finally found one that is just perfect…a modern lime green and white fabric with orange piping and ribbons. We shipped the material off to San Diego to begin production. Thank you Alaina! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  In the meantime, my extremely generous uncle Todd volunteered to paint our nursery. He spent two days priming, painting, and completing the wood work, and boy, oh boy, did it turn out better than I had envisioned. He did a fantastic job and we couldn’t feel more appreciative for his help in creating such a dreamy little place for our two munchkins. So, thank you Uncle Todd!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We also added a black chalkboard wall so that as the twins get older they have a special place to color on the walls. We thought it only appropriate:) As I wrote about in one of my previous blogs (A Gift from my Soulmate), my favorite children’s book is Love you Forever. So, I found a woman on Etsy who took my favorite quote/song from that book and had it stenciled onto a large orange canvas. I LOVE it!!! It just feels right having it in the nursery because I will love my babies forever!

After my showers, I also collected a few new items for the nursery that I wasn’t quite expecting. My sisters found a darling wall art hanging to go above the door. It reads, “Two to wash, two to dry, two who sleep, two who cry, two to kiss, two to hug, best of all, there are two to love.” I also received many wonderful books to help start their library collection, soft and cuddly blankets, storage baskets, etc.

Words cannot describe how much I LOVE OUR NURSERY!!! It has been a project that has given me so much joy! I am a teacher and love to create projects for my first graders. Things they can bring home, show off to their parents, and hang on their walls with pride. But, nothing has given me more pride than to do this for my own children. A project that not long ago seemed to be non-existent. It was only something I dreamed of creating one day. But, now the day is here. My nursery is complete. Well, not quite complete. It will only feel truly complete when I see my beautiful babies laying in their cribs sleeping peacefully for the very first time. Then I will know that they are dreaming in a little bit of heaven.

Noah’s Crib

Grace’s Crib

The Changing Table

My Favorite Quote from my Favorite Children’s Book

Children’s Books, Baby Shoes, Sound Machine, and Toys

First we were two, then we were three, and soon we will be five 🙂

We cannot wait for this next chapter in our lives!!! God is GOOD!!!

Showered with LOVE

Showered with LOVE, showered with LOVE, showered with SO MUCH LOVE!!!

I have been dreaming about my Baby Shower for many years. After three ectopic pregnancies in a row, I feared I would never see the day when I would experience my very own baby shower. But, much to my surprise, amazement, and never ending faith, I was fortunate enough to experience not only one, but two, baby showers this month.

My Friends and Family Baby Shower hosted by My Amazing Mom, My Two Younger Sisters, and My Aunt Cheech

No one knew better how much this day would mean to me other than my mom! She’s been my rock through it all. The ups and downs, the many failed pregnancies, my IVF, and now the JOY of my fourth and likely last pregnancy. She put everything she had into making this a day I would never forget. She rounded up the troops…Jim, Cheech, Ash and Kirster to help make this day extra special for me. Together, they thought of everything! The decorations were simple, but perfectly fitting for me. The food was DELICIOUS! Homemade Chinese Chicken Salad, Fresh Fruit, and Croissants. Tins filled with white wine and fruit juice spritzers. And dessert…who could forget dessert? They made homemade vanilla cupcakes with blue and pink frosting, topped with homemade white chocolate baby feet and hearts. OMG! They were to die for! I must have devoured an entire plate full by the end of the day! And the company…the backyard was filled with the people who love me most…my mom and sisters, my aunts, cousins, grandma, mother-in-law, and  lifelong family friends. These are the people who have seen me through it all. They have loved and supported Ryan and I for as long as we can remember. They are the people who have shown us time and time again how excited they are for us! And it’s not just their words. It’s the way they say it! You can really feel how much they care for us and these two precious babies on the way! So all of you who shared in this most beautiful day with me, thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for CELEBRATING this milestone with me! You’re the ones who have made this journey so incredible! You’re the ones who keep us going and who keep us feeling strong! Your LOVE, PRAYERS, and SUPPORT have gotten us through thus far and we know will continue to get us through in the future. You’re amazingly beautiful people and we LOVE YOU very much! And thank you LORD! Without YOU none of this would be possible! YOU have BLESSED us beyond our wildest dreams and we are incredibly GRATEFUL!

The Hostesses – My mom and two sisters

Grace and Noah’s Grandma’s

The Stockham Girls

The Pederson’s

The Eggers’

The Allard’s

My Aunt Cheech and Cousin Payton (who also happens to be a twin)

The Beseda’s and Burtovoy’s

The Beseda’s, Denton’s, Bowman’s, and Laredo’s

The winners of the game “How Big is Brittany’s Belly?” And who better to win other than these two darling girls I use to nanny for:) Love you Cassie and Gracie!

Bottle Chugging Race

Thank you for hosting my shower in your home mom and Jim:)

Thanks aunties Ashley and Kirsten…”Buy One, Get One Free.”

A clothesline full of baby essentials…

Feet up with my family after a long, but truly AMAZING day!

Jim reading all of the “wishes” my family and friends wrote for Grace and Noah…such beautiful words from everyone!

The Omelette Express Baby Shower with Friends in Windsor

It was hosted by my dear friends Stephanie Taylor, Chrystal Davis, and Jessica Progulske. Wow! The decorations were handmade by Stephanie and her mom, as well as the adorable and very DELICIOUS cupcakes! They should be going into business together as party planners…The girls also had some fun games planned – “How big is Brittany’s Baby Bump?” and a trivia game “All About Brittany’s Pregnancy!” It was so much fun! We all had enormous omelettes and coffee for brunch. I was very fortunate to receive so many wonderful gifts that my babies will be able to enjoy. Thank you so much to ALL of my friends for supporting me throughout this pregnancy and sharing in such a special day with me! I LOVE you all very much and can’t wait for us to have play dates very soon!

“The Hostesses”

The Beseda Girls

Forestville Teachers Crew

Forestville’s 1st Grade Teachers…BOTH pregnant with TWINS!!!

Mark West Teachers

The Blonde Mamas Group…Cannot wait for play dates with these girls:)

My favorite girls from Chinois:)

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name??? Well, a lot actually! Many times during my life my mom has told me the story about my birth. In fact, every year on my birthday she tells me the story about my birth and I love it! Each year I am reminded that during my mom’s pregnancy with me, she and my dad had decided to name me Brooke Angela Beseda. It was not until the moment my parents first held me that they took one look at me and said, “She’s no Brooke Angela.” So, they changed my name to Brittany Lynn Beseda, and I am so happy they did. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my name were Brooke, but honestly, I can’t imagine it at all! I am a Brittany Lynn all the way.

So here I am today knowing exactly what I want to name my son and daughter upon their arrival to this world, but find myself wondering if I’ll have the same change of heart that my parents did. But, I believe I am willing to take that leap of faith and announce their names. I want their names to be put out there because I want to be able to start talking to them like they’re people, not just little embryos. I want them to know that they are already SO LOVED and that their daddy and I think about them and dream about them all of the time. We have put A LOT of thought into their names after the journey we’ve had to get to this place we’re in now. Their names have spoken to us at church and in times all we needed was a little faith. After countless prayers that God would bless us with these children we looked to our faith to help us name our babies. We found the inspiration to name them from the Bible and from our spiritual beliefs…We are so very PROUD of our names, hold them near and dear to our hearts, and cannot imagine any that are more suiting for these precious little miracles we have on the way…so…by God’s Grace alone…

Our precious little babies will be named Noah and Grace Maier…(middle names will be decided upon as they come to us)

Noah’s Gender Reveal

Grace’s Gender Reveal